DTSA-II requires Java SE 7 or higher. (8 for OS X) Java SE 8 is available for free from Oracle for Linux, Solaris, MS Windows and OS X in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.


Please review the release notes before installing DTSA-II.

Microscopy Today Downloads

This archive contains the files described in the article in the January 2012 Microscopy Today article Standards-Based Quantification in DTSA-II - Part II.


All Platforms

  1. A new installation framework is being used for DTSA-II Jupiter release. This framework is intended to help Mac and Linux users stay with the most current version.
  2. This framework uses a Java program to install the desired programs in platform appropriate locations.
  3. Typically Java programs can be run by double-clicking the ".jar" file or through the command line "java -jar jarfile.jar" where "jarfile.jar" is the file containing the Java executable.
  4. The installer knows how to create links for Windows and Unix/Linux but not for OS X.
  5. Please provide feedback on the OS X and Linux/Unix install process as I don't currently have access to either of these platforms

Apple OS-X

  1. The above installer will copy all the necessary files into a folder in your Application directory.
  2. You can create a link to the file "dtsa2.jar" on your desktop and use that link to start the application as though it were a native App Bundle.


All Platforms

  1. A program called "uninstaller.jar" is created in the "Uninstaller" directory within the program install directory.
  2. Double-click or "java -jar uninstaller.jar" to uninstall the program.
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